Watch out this season for blight from misused mowers and string trimmers.  All too often people are in a hurry when mowing or trimming their grass.  Blight from these machines is caused by mower blades and string striking the bark of a tree and creating a wound.  Try to avoid mowing over roots of trees just to reach that single strand of grass.  It could be worth your tree’s life.  Watch out and don’t get too close with the string trimmers because they too can be harmful when in contact with tree bark.  Unfortunately, this happens when people are in a hurry.  Homeowners and maintenance professionals are all guilty of doing these things.

This best way to solve the problem is to create a mulch or stone ring around the tree.  This acts as a barrier for the trunk and exposed roots of the tree.  Mulch and stone are both products that will help keep out any unwanted grass or weeds.  Weed control can even be applied to help keep the base of the tree neat a clean looking.  When the occasional weed pops up, just hand pull it instead of getting out the heavy equipment.

Wounds created from mowers and string trimmers are not what kill the tree.  It is the bugs and bacteria that can then enter the tree through the wound and cause problems.  So save the mature and beautiful trees that we all love and create a safety zone for them.  Remember trees don’t just grow over night.  Think about how many years it takes for a tree to reach its mature size and height.  It’s not an easy or quick replacement.

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