Spring Flowering Bulbs

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Protect Your Spring Flowering Bulbs

Protect your spring flowering bulbs from deer and rabbits this spring. Early spring flowering bulbs such as Crocus are beginning to show life as green peaks through the mulch. Are you prepared to deter the rabbits and deer from your landscape?

Rabbits absolutely love Crocus and will devour it the second it begins to show. Deer are no different when it comes to Tulips which will be showing shortly. Be prepared with a rabbit and deer deterrent. If rabbits and deer are aggressive in your yard do not be afraid to use a liquid and granular product. Keep in mind that all products should be re-applied after rain or snow. Both products recommended in this video will not harm the animals we intend to deter!

8 Garden Tasks To Complete This Fall

8 Garden Tasks To Complete This Fall is your fall to do list for a happy and healthy landscape. •Cut down perennials and grasses Perennials and Ornamental Grasses can be cut down in Spring or Fall. In some situations perennials and ornamental grasses offer beautiful color and texture throughout the winter season and are therefore…
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Summer Landscaping Tips

Summer is officially here, and with it the heat and humidity has arrived! Everyone is bound to be spending a lot of time outside this season, which is why it's more important than ever that you keep your lawn and landscaping looking fresh and well maintained throughout the next few months.   Unfortunately, as the…
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How to Create a Spring Planter

Step 1: Go Shopping! Spring is a tough time of year to keep outdoor planters looking fresh because of the inconsistent weather and short bloom periods. The first decision to be made is if artificial flowers will be used, real flowers, or a combination of both. Once this decision has been made, the real planning…
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