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Owners Kurt and Sharon Marrin met at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Following graduation they both obtained jobs working in the landscape industry. In 1985 Kurt and Sharon married and soon decided it was time to start their own business which is now known as Bret-Mar Landscape. At first, Kurt and Sharon operated out of their home in Mt. Greenwood. After a few jobs were completed, word began to spread about the excellent work and talent of these two young landscape architects. Design and installation took precedence over maintenance and the company continued to grow. In 1996 Kurt and Sharon purchased a farm house with five acres. This is where Bret-Mar still operates today. The farm house has been restored into an office and the five acres has become a great space for display gardens and a nursery.


At Bret-Mar Landscape, we're committed to the ecological health of our community, our country, and the planet.

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We practice sustainable growth – meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generation’s ability to meet their own needs. We support growers and suppliers who share our concerns and promise towards ‘green’ solutions to the reduction of greenhouse gas, energy consumption and post consumer waste.

We recycle all pots, baskets, flats and other plastics, both that we use, and that others bring back to us. By recycling we can extend the life of a pot or flat by about 3-4 years.
We offer safe solutions for pest and disease control through organic fertilizers, compost and natural pest control. Although we are not certified as a commercial organic grower, we do not now, nor have we ever used sprays or chemicals on our edible plants. This includes vegetables and herbs. The chemicals that we do use are low impact. We use no RUP’s – restricted use pesticides.
We offer a wide selection of native plants designed to reduce the need for fertilizers, and chemical pest and disease control products. Native plants also provide support for beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies. We would like to encourage commercial project managers and homeowners to replace turf with ornamental grasses, native perennials and other water-wise alternatives.
At Bret-Mar Landscape we feature a wide selection of shade and evergreen trees. Depending on location, species, size, and condition, shade from trees can reduce utility bills for air conditioning in residential and commercial buildings by 15-50 percent. Trees, through their shade and transpiration, provide natural “low-tech” cooling that means less need to build additional dams, power plants, and nuclear generators. Trees also reduce carbon, noise levels, and water runoff while improving air quality.

Let’s protect our natural resources together!



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